Laser Cutting

Commonly laser cutting is metal cutting. Our machines are not that type, but they do cut many useful materials. Cutting with lasers is characterized by narrow cutting paths, accuracy and detail.

Our cutting laser is typically a CO2 but in certain cases, such as ceramic cutting, we use our fiber laser.

Laser Marking Materials

TherMark is a branded product that our lasers fuse to surfaces for a durable detailed and visible mark.

TherMark on Aluminum

This example shows that the TherMark material has excellent contrast when laser fused to metals such as clear anodized aluminum, stainless steel, steel and other non-colored metal surfaces.

Laser Cutting - Plastics, Paper, Ceramics

We cut plastics such as Nylon, ABS, and Acrylic. Other non-metallics we cut include neoprene, leather and wood. Paper cuts nicely.

Cutting ceramics with lasers gives fine detail. The advantage is that there are no mechanical forces. The high heat of the laser spot removes material and with multiple passes the laser cuts through. We can also leave a small layer uncut so that the parts are kept together until snapped.

Laser Fused Glass for Contrast

TherMark is a glass material with embedded dark particles that fuses and attaches to the surface of metals to make a dark and permanent mark.

Its advantage is providing a black coloring to the mark, which in many cases is needed because laser engraving does not change the color enough to be plainly visible. The TherMark, laser heat melts the glass into metals so that the dark mark is tough, resists chemicals and is permanent.

Download the informative TherMark Datasheet