What is Direct Ship?

Some customers have product that is ready to ship after the laser marking is complete. These companies rely on Applied Light to finish their parts, package them and ship directly to the final customers. We call this Direct Ship.

Personalized Pens

Direct Ship saves money

Shipping costs eat into profits and with Direct Ship these costs are managed and controlled. Your inventory is shipped in bulk to Applied Light and sent to your customers from our facility at the lowest possible rate, using USPS, UPS or FedEx.

When bulk purchases for inventory and small short runs to the end user are your business model, then Direct Ship makes sense. We use pictures and eMail to confirm the order with you and your customer. This builds confidence and assures that your product meets your customer's expectations.

Inventory Your items Here and Direct Ship There

Direct Ship is a program where we keep your inventory on site, drawing it down as you order, mark the parts, package them and ship them to your customer. You never touch it.

Applied Light is your fulfillment center.

We have 3,000 square feet of heated storage to inventory product. Your items are protected until we get your order to pull product for processing.

Once your order is received, we pull the parts and set up to run. If you need to approve we eMail a sample photo, otherwise we run the parts. When the order is done we package the parts per your requirements and prepare them for shipment. Completed orders are boxed and shipped to your customer and you get the tracking numbers.

Cost Structure:

Shipping cost: Actual UPS charge plus $1.50.

Storage Cost: $15/pallet per month in our heated facility

Inventory Reconciliation: (2 hrs approx) $80 per inventory

Storage Facility: Alarmed and heated. Two areas are sprinkled and one is not.

Your Inventory or Ours for Direct Ship

Applied Light has products available for purchase, personalization and Direct Ship to your customer.


These magnificent glass mirrors are 3mm thick (1/8”) and 16” x 20” in size. They are beautifully mirrored with painted backs.

We laser engrave them and paint fill the glass. This results in a colorful image in the mirror. Our original product is college logos and banners but any text or logo can be presented on them. They make a unique gift.

Note that many logos and artwork are copyrighted or trademarked and cannot be used without permission.

Badges and Labels

We make plastic labels suitable for wearing (nametags) or machine ID (safety tags) or for any other purpose such as doors, electrical panels, or storage ID. We stock several colors such as black over white, blue over white and black over yellow but there are over fifty different color combinations. Our lasers remove the top color exposing the color beneath.

Valve Tags

Valve tags are stainless steel tags which identify a valve’s number, purpose and in some cases its source. These are needed on many technical construction sites.

Silver Plated Giftware

With prices high for sterling silver, we offer a line of silverplated brass julep cups. Beautifully engraved, plated and buffed, they will become part of your family heirloom collection.