• Single Axis up to Four Axis motion.
  • Manual and Automatic operation. This makes setups easier.
  • Typically Class IV (Open Type) but Class I (Enclosed) Available.
  • Open loop Stepper motors is typical.
  • Operator Setup Panel with Manual Axis Control. Class IV Workstation
  • Zee Axis with laser head is pneumatically counterbalanced.

We use systems like these in our Job Shop. The lessons learned in setting up and preparing hundreds and thousands of jobs has lead us to build Workstations for maximum flexibility. The advantages are ease of use, ease of setup and reliability.

One example is axis control. Many laser markers will drive motors in automatic mode. This makes running programs fast and reliable and our Workstations support that. But these same lasers are not so flexible when it comes to setting up the part/parts because it's hard to move the motion tables around with the laser controls. Complicating this, moving tables with laser commands does not re-zero the program, so when the program runs it's still not on target.

Our solution offers a manual/auto selector switch. In manual mode the tables can move to position parts, then in Auto mode, the laser accepts this position as the starting point. Parts are marked correctly and the operator wastes no time trying to correct the laser program. He simply puts the part under the beam, moves to Auto and runs the program. Nothing is easier.