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Welcome to Applied Light! Your laser needs are met by our professional staff supported by modern equipment, quality methods and a commitment to your satisfaction.

We started in 1986 as Applied Light Inc. distributing laser spare parts and components. Today we are Applied Light Manufacturing, Inc. which better describes our orientation to making products, marking products and serving the manufacturing sector.

Our core business is laser marking. We use many lasers to mark metals, plastics, wood and glass for industrial customers in the Northeast and some throughout North America. Applied Light also builds equipment for industry to use in their facilities. Our hands on experience is a great guide to what works and what makes money.

Information about our company is available in these pages and we welcome your browsing to see what might benefit you and meet your needs.

Applied Light Uses best practices to handle and mark customer parts. This means attention to detail, a committment to understanding and following requirements and standards. We maintain a library of standards so that your needs are met exactly.