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Class I Enclosures

Multiaxis Workstations

Narrow Class I Enclosure

Narrow 15" Class I Enclosure

Standard 24inch Class I Enclosure

Standard 24" Wide Class I Enclosure


  • Sizes from 15" x 30" to 24" x 32"

  • From simple Fixed Laser style to Zee Axis to Full Four Axis

  • Counterbalanced door with deep side cutaway for full accessability.

  • Laser Start pushbutton on the door right where you want it.

  • Interlocked door for safety, but keyed for open operation during setup.

  • Vent opening for fume control, fume unit customer supplied.

  • Your laser is connected and interfaced to the workstation

Our enclosures are laser cut, welded and powdercoated industrial grade safety products. We design them for easy load/unload access. When door is open it uncovers cut back sides. These cut back sides expose more than just the front. This is how real people do real work.